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We can customize shirts design and color of the shirt along with what size you need, car decals, water bottles, treat jars or training pouches! Just throw us a message!

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Finest Pet Store in Essexville

Are you looking for a Specialty pet store? Then look no further. Flappy’s Bake House is one of the best dog stores around in Essexville. We have a wide variety of products for sale including bandanas, snuffle balls and mats amongst an array of other products for a wide range of pets. Come and see what we have or contact us through our booking form if you would like to find out more. Our friendly staff are always ready to help.

Our Products and Supplies

No matter what kind of dog supply or accessory you are looking for, we are sure that we will be able to help. We have a full range of products centered around your pet’s well-being such as several types of accessories and toys. Every single one of our products comes from Amanda herself with the approval of Flappy, so you can be confident that you will be getting quality supplies for your pets.

Dog Training

My name is Amanda. I have been training dogs for over 12 years. I am an AKC evaluator and have experience with all different breeds. I love teaching pet parents how to bond with their furry best friends and give them the structure, brain stimulation and exercise they need!


21 Reviews

Melissa Hilliker

06 November 2022

06 November


I love Flappys Bake House treats, training, and even clothing! I love having short and recognizable ingredients on the treats and my dogs all LOVE them! I've o...
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Courtney Bedtelyon

27 August 2022

27 August


My dog has chronic pancreatitis, aka he is on an expensive, low-fat prescription diet and just eats treats I make. He can’t have anything fatty or it throws him...
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